Special events

Special events

Special events are also very important in our lives, Birthday 1st or 99th always is good to have a professional photographer to capture this great memories.

Our many years of experience and knowledge present the confidence to capture an image which will be treasured forever.

Is you child starting 1st grade? or is your child finishing High school? Matric Ball is the most important 😉 and only once in a life time. This is just 2 small sample where is professional photographer important. Every mother or father or even grandparents like to have in photo frame their children or grandchildren why not you.

Your little baby is going in first grade it is new step in his or her life first and only once in life this needs to be capture and keep it as treasure once your baby is adult will see these photos and can laugh on great memories .

I can go on and on as from first day your child is born are so many occasions where professional photographer is needed, but why not to send us email or contact us via phone or our chat we can give you advise for your plans and some suggestions.

Our first consultation is always free where you can chat with one of our professional photographer and he or she will give you advise to your plans.

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